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Iñigo is a car nut just like you. He is the Managing Editor of Chokdee.info and Motoring Editor of The Manila Bulletin.

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We help you spot the difference between the 2018 and 2019 Mini Cooper 5-door, and tell you if it's worth the upgrade

posted September 03, 2018 06:25 by Inigo S. Roces
2019 Mini Cooper 5-Door 1.5 AT image

Russia's most affordable 4x4 could soon be seen worldwide

posted August 31, 2018 14:28 by Inigo S. Roces
Lada hints at all-new Niva with 4x4 Vision concept image

The President's cars now have a permanent home in the Museo ng Pampangulong Sasakyan in Quezon City.

posted August 21, 2018 09:27 by Inigo S. Roces
Philippine presidential cars now have a museum of their own image

The DOTr finds DOE order to import Euro-2 diesel to control prices minimal in effect and detrimental to public health, describes it as 'counter to the Clean Air Act'.

posted August 20, 2018 17:09 by Inigo S. Roces
DOTr calls out DOE for ordering to bring back low grade Euro-2 diesel image

The MMDA will suspend the permanent implementation of the EDSA driver-only ban, but the dry run phase continues until August 22.

posted August 17, 2018 15:19 by Inigo S. Roces
MMDA will suspend permanent EDSA HOV implementation image


Easily the country's best-selling car, the Vios has served as the subcompact sedan benchmark for a decade now.

posted April 25, 2014 20:23 by Inigo S. Roces
2014 Toyota Vios 1.3 E MT image

Take this refresher on common road markings and what they mean. You might be unwittingly violating a few.

posted February 19, 2016 15:24 by Inigo S. Roces
Common road markings and what they mean image

Toyota seems to have done its homework, pricing the Wigo very competitively with equipment at par, if not better than leading rivals.

posted April 22, 2014 14:34 by Inigo S. Roces
2014 Toyota Wigo 1.0G A/T image

We take on the top of the line 4x2 Fortuner to see how it fares as a daily driver

posted April 04, 2016 16:18 by Inigo S. Roces
2016 Toyota Fortuner 2.4V 4x2 AT image

We've heard your requests and now bring you our review of the highly anticipated Mitsubishi Xpander

posted August 08, 2018 07:56 by Inigo S. Roces
2018 Mitsubishi Xpander GLS Sport image