Despite its rather controversial nomenclature in global context, the new 2016 Toyota Isis is probably the last thing from a war-mongering militant group. The Isis, while it shares its name with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is nothing but Toyota's new – and relatively harmless – 7-seater minivan for the local Japanese market. The Isis was actually named after a goddess from Ancient Egypt that's supposedly worshipped as the ideal mother or wife. A minivan for the perfect mother or wife, it's starting to make sense now then.

Toyota Isis side

Having actually been in the market for years now, the 2016 Isis brings about a refresher for the small van. Starting off with the front, the Isis receives a mildly altered front fascia as well as new headlamps, giving the van a more modern aesthetic. Its interior receives a few changes as well, primarily with the use of different cloth material and upholstery.

Toyota Isis inside

A main change in the Toyota Isis comes from its transmission, having substituted a conventional automatic for a continuously variablt transmission dubbed the Super CVT-i. Supposedly this configuration allows the Isis' 1.8 liter petrol engine to boost its fuel economy to 6.5L/100km according to the JC08 standardized test cycle.

Toyota Isis seats folded

Prior to Toyota, Morris was actually first in naming a car 'Isis'. Perhaps back then however, there was no inappropriate context to the name compared to today.