For over a century, cars have continously shifted and changed in design. By the year 2050, who knows what they will look like? Will they be futuristic designed, full of LED lights and fully automated, or will they still somewhat resemble the cars we see on the road today? To find out, Bentley has collaborated with several design students from the Royal College of Art in London to envision the future of luxury.

Design students imagine the British luxury cars of 2050

“Bentley has always been at the forefront of automotive luxury, and with this collaboration we asked millennial students for their vision of the future. We wanted ideas and concepts that could potentially lead us in new and interesting directions, using the perspective of these digital natives – from all over the world – to see things differently,” said Bentley’s Design Director Stefan Sielaff who is also an alumnus of the Royal College of Art.


 Design students imagine the British luxury cars of 2050

Out of the 24 entries, Bentley choose four designs which stood out from the rest. One unique design is Kate NamGoong's concept which suggest that future luxury means having the choice of driving an internal combustion engine while everyone is already fully electric and autonomous. That's if the internal combusition engine becomes obsolete and is only accessible to the wealthy elites. Considering how automakers are going fully autonomous and shifting to electrification, this is one possiblity that may actually happen in the future.

For the other three design, Irene Chiu's concept works with sound to invoke relaxation and destress going from one place to another. Jack Watson takes inspiration from Bentley's near 100 year history, and ' imagines a scenario where international business travel will no longer restrict where people are able live'. Meanwhile, Enuji Choi's looks at the imporance of elegance and British design for autonomous vehicles cities. The rest of the designs may be seen . 

Design students imagine the British luxury cars of 2050

As a note, Bentley says that the collaboration between the automaker and the Royal College of Art is intended to generate discussions about the future of luxury vehicles. These designs are not future Bentley products nor are they a representation of the brand's future design language. 

With all these designs, do you think that the cars of 2050 will anything like these concepts?