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It's got a fresh new look but is the 2018 Mazda BT-50 a worthy pickup to buy?

May 07, 2018 18:03   Marcus De Guzman
2018 Mazda BT-50 3.2L 4x4 AT image

We find out if 'less is more' means a better bargain in the 2018 Chevy Trailblazer LTX

May 02, 2018 18:13   Marcus De Guzman
2018 Chevrolet Trailblazer LTX 4x2 A/T image

We only wish that Suzuki brought in the all-new Vitara sooner

April 30, 2018 15:57   Vince Pornelos
2018 Suzuki Vitara GLX image

With a few tweaks, the Toyota Fortuner justifies its best-seller status

April 27, 2018 09:00   Anton Andres
2018 Toyota Fortuner 2.4G 4x2 TRD Sportivo image

For those that want performance in a pint-sized package, here's the Mazda2 in hatchback form

April 23, 2018 17:44   Marcus De Guzman
2018 Mazda2 1.5V+ SkyActiv-G 5-door image

Toyota made some big changes to the Yaris this year, but did they make it better?

April 16, 2018 14:09   Vince Pornelos
2018 Toyota Yaris 1.3E CVT image

The Kia Picanto has come a long way since its humble beginnings; and it's seen in its size and price

April 11, 2018 11:08   Anton Andres
2018 Kia Picanto GT Line image

While the Ranger will be getting yet another update, the current model is still a solid choice for those looking for a pickup

April 09, 2018 10:03   Anton Andres
2017 Ford Ranger 2.2 Wildtrak 4x2 A/T image

Nissan spruces up the X-Trail 2.5L 4x4 with new aesthetic and safety features

April 04, 2018 01:32   Eric Tipan
2018 Nissan X-Trail 2.5 4x4 CVT image

It's about time we answered the question: Subaru STI or Honda Civic Type R?

April 02, 2018 08:58   Vince Pornelos
2018 Honda Civic Type R image