Alex Restoration

Alex Restoration had its humble beginnings early in 1992.

Founder Alexander S. Isip initially set up shop at his family's four car garage with a small team of contracted automobile technicians. Armed with reference books, repair manuals and a lot of dedication to detail, Alex set out to restore his own Porsche 924 from 1978 to near new condition.

The following year, at the 1992 Trans Sport Show, even amongst better equipped, more experienced shops and their entries, the 1978 Porsche 924 was awarded First Place in the European Sports Car Category. It was to be the first of many awards that Alex would win.

Now, 19 years and many more trophies and awards later, Alex S. Isip and the team that makes up Alex Restoration continue a the tradition of quality service, dedication to their craft, and pride in excellence.