Race Schedules


Organizer : Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

Website: https://www.fiawtcr.com

The 2017 World Touring Car Championship kicks off this April with a few yet significant changes made to the series. This year, Jose Maria Lopez continues his title defense to become WTCC's first driver to win the championship four times in a row.

WTCC will be introducing a tier of race cars. Dubbed WTCC-2, these cars are designed for use in national and international competitions and are equipped with up to two-litre turbocharged engines, sequential gearboxes, homologated roll cages and limited aerodynamic aids. They also benefit from safety fuel cells and side-impact protective door foam.

Aimed to 'spice up racing action', WTCC is looking to implement Joker Laps at street circuits. This rule is an adaptation of World Rallycross Championship wherein drivers will have to take a longer route for closer racing. At the moment, the Joker Lap is subject to the approval of the FIA's Safety and Circuit commissions.

Main races also sees more laps and drivers will be awarded more points. WTCC adds two more laps during the main race with the winner getting 30 points, 23 points for second place, 19 points for third, 16 points for fourth and 13 points for fifth. sixth gets 10 points while seventh receives 7 points. Eighth gets 4 points, ninth gets 2 while tenth gets 1. The longer races apply to all circuits except WTCC Race of Germany which is held at the Nurburgring Nordschliefe.